please find us at has been created based on simple facts : their is no free online appointments solutions, based on paramedical needs.

To meet this need offer you to :

  • Optimize your time by reducing the number of customers who do not show up : automatic appointment confirmation, automatic appointment relaunch 24 hours before (configurable).
  • Make your appointment management easier by on online interface, which also reduce the number off calls you receive online interface, to reduce the time you spend on phone.
  • Limit time spent with your clients outside appointment slots.
  • Handle multisite : You have a cabinet, maybe two, and you also work in other structures.
  • Managing the itinerant practitioner, with calculation of the time on the way between two slots (September 2017)
  • Management of online appointments, integrating video chat with your customers

Our solution 100% free, no hidden fees. is an online platform accessible 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

Online appointments interface

Making appointments online directly by the patient will save you time.

Indeed you declare your time slots of your sites on a single schedule, your customers then choose simply and freely the niche that suits them the most.

This avoids unnecessary calls.

The customer automatically receives a confirmation of his appointment, as well as a reminder the day before.
He can not ‘forget’ to come.

At any time he can cancel or move his appointment, directly online from his computer or smartphone.

Reduce lost time

Practitioners no longer want to take their patients directly online, for several reasons.

This interrupts them during a consultation.
It is sometimes difficult during certain therapi to be disturbed (and they all call at  the same time !?!).

During a call often the patient goes out of his appointment request.
He asked for additional information, anticipating then the subjects treated during his appointment.