Simplify life

I decided to create to simplify my wife’s life.

Indeed, as a paramedical professional, she did not find the right tool corresponding to her need, yet so simple: to be able to devote herself to her consultations.

But how can she devote ourselves to her consultations without answering the telephone to make appointments?
She found no alternative but to reduce her low wage by taking a secretary.

Online Solution

The ideal solution? No, because even a secretary could not answer the phone 7 days a week and 24 hours a day!

Once the idea sprouted into my mind, I deepened the question to try to understand why the market products did not meet its need.

Missing functions

One of the first functions she missed was that she couldn’t book appointments on several sites. She works either at home or in a office.

Other functions of have come to me , I have noted a few, others are planned for the sequel.

Then the second problem is the cost of its solutions, paying.

Why a free solution

If I create a tool for my wife I do not see myself asking him to pay me!
And why not make it free for everyone?

It takes time to create a billing system, why not make the product accessible and available to all without brakes or billing?
That is the decision I made.

How to offer a free product when all other solutions pay off?
Because the other solutions need to charge their product to pay salesmen, for my part not commercial, so no cost of prospecting, no cost of billing system, banking cost …