One particular feature of paramedical professions is to work at several sites at the same time.

Multiple sites

Indeed it is common to have :

    • A place at home,
    • Another in the city center, and finally
    • One last in a hospital or shelter. allows you to define these places of activity and to distribute your niches on these different sites, so your customers can choose to meet you where you are.

How does it work?

Multisite declaration, to manage multiple addresses

In your interface, you define the sites on which you work.
To define a site you need to enter their precise coordinates and ways to contact you.

This reporting step is very important because it is this information that your client will receive in these confirmation messages.

In order not to overload you during your account configuration, you can choose to declare this information later.

Multisite Management, a single agenda, but several cabinets

Once you have defined your settings, you have access to your calendar, day or week view.

You select your site, and add your slots or time slots available for this site on a clear and intuitive calendar interface.

The slots of the other sites appear, each site has its color (that you can modify).

Thus you avoid meeting people, the same day or the same afternoon, on two sites distant several tens of kilometers!