100% free online software; You will not find a hidden premium feature.

Free online diary

There is no trial offer to guide you on a paid solution.

The reminders to your customers are included in the solution, without any additional costs.

Managing your calendar is free and without hidden costs, as well as multi-site management, as well as integration into your site.

This software is just free, for everyone

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For other professions you can completely use our solution, this list is not restrictive.

Dealer Offer

You can not resell or charge an access subscription to this free online appointment making software.

You are quite free to invoice the integration of our software in their site.

White mark

We do not offer options for example to remove our logo or any white-label offerings.

Our approach

This site was built to meet the specific needs of a therapist, because the solutions on the market did not meet his needs. We did not build a specific solution for doctors and then tried to make it usable by other professions, but from the beginning thought about the functions essential to the paramedical professions.

Why not charge the service?

Why not ? Professionals in the paramedic are often seen as people earning their lives very well, but they are, just like all artisans or creators of VSB / SME / SMI crushed by taxes. Rather than putting in place a complex and costly billing system, we decided to propose our solution free.

We do not offer options for example to remove our logo

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